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How can I get rid of pop up? This ad just appear on my browser when I am surfing the internet. Although I have removed it from my control panel as my friends said, it still pops up the next time I log in my computer. Also, i found it appear as an extension on my Google anyway. Is there any removal guides? Can you list them in detail? Thanks.


Detail of is considered to be a adware which is used as an advertisement platform so as to deliver commercial ads to all the computer around the world. There are many PC users reported that their computer have been infected by this threat when they went to visit some unknown sites. Beside, others said that they were infected by this infection while they downloaded some insecure resources from free sites. In fact, such adware always makes use of the network to spread. It can be downloaded from malicious sites which have been attacked or controlled by hackers or even most of those unknown sites are created by criminals in order to distribute computer threats as or other infections as Trojan horse, Ransomware, browser redirect virus, hijacker, worms and other dangerous infections. You may have no idea when and how this adware sneak onto your computer system while you are surfing the internet in a good mood. The attack and installation of it are so quiet which can not be seen by users.

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How to Remove from Browsers

I used to make as my homepage and search engine which right now has been replaced by I have no idea when I set it as my homepage, I am sure that it is not my parent or my brother install it and set it as a start page. Can it be downloaded by itself and replace my homepage forcibly?

What is is a kind of browser hijacker which can be downloaded and installed onto the target computer via utilizing free bundles. Usually, it attaches to the free downloads from the internet as freeware , shareware , p2p files, video and music files as well as spam email attachments. PC users may get this browser virus installed when they agree the installation processes of those free downloads. To be exact, it can be automatically installed when users install the third party programs which it bundles with or open the malicious email attachments it hides in. Due to the installation of it is invisible and unrecognizable, many victims reported that it is not easy to notice the attack of this threat and it just appears on the infected browsers suddenly. The truth is that it is users themselves who download and install this browser threat onto their computer system while they are installing those insecure internet resources.

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Completely Remove

There are some security massage pop up on my computer when I log in. After, when I open Google Chrome, there is a site named jumps out and automatically perform a system scan on my computer. Then it shows me some alerts which say that my computer is infected by virus and I need to click on the “remove”icon to remove them at once. I think it is a malicious site, isn’t it?

What is has been reported to be browser hijacker which has been tricked thousands of PC users since the day it is released by criminals. It is a phishing site which just wants to cheat users into clicking on some insecure icons and then download and install some third party programs onto the target computer. Such site is capable to hijack the target browsers as Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and other legitimate start pages or search pages. The infected computer will run very slow after being attacked by this phishing site for it consumes huge system resources and make it up to almost 100%. The fake alerts displayed by this browser hijacker can not be trusted for the main goal of this threat is to trick users into believing the fake massage and downloading some unreliable programs from its site. Do not be tricked by the massage displayed by this site as your media player need to update or your computer is infected by threats or something like that. More important, do not download any resources from this site and install them onto your computer system without checking.
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Remove from Google Chrome/IE/Firefox

Are annoyed by when you are browsing? Does this site automatically jump out on your browser tab no without your permission? Is this site safe if you use it to search? How to remove it and reset browsers settings? All the answers can be found on this post. If you want to learn more about this site, please read more.

More about is not a virus but it can be regarded as an unwanted site for it has the ability to make itself to be the homepage of target browsers. As a unwanted site, also experts may call it browser hijacker for its features, it can be downloaded onto your computer system via bundling with third party downloads as freeware, shareware and p2p files. Also, you may get this site installed when you click on some pop ups or unknown links as well as suspicious email attachments. The main goal of it is not only make itself to be a start page of the infected browsers but also generate some commercial ads on the right side of the browser tabs in order to make profits. Hence, there will be a lot of pop up ads jump out no matter what you are doing as long as your computer is connecting to the network. This is just a way used by this site to help its developer get money from PC users by earning pay-per-click revenue.
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How to Remove BrainFakBanana Ads

Lately, I have been searched some online shopping sites or products. Since then, I got many related sites and pop ups when I open Google Chrome, IE or even Firefox. A site named BrainFakBanana appeared most frequently. Is this site a browser virus? I though it has downloaded something malicious onto my computer, what can I do to get rid of those ads?


Information of BrainFakBanana

BrainFakBanana is an ad-supported sites which can gather your search information so as to show you some related ads and links. It is used by its developers and ill-disposed people to make money from pay-per-click or websites redirection. The main symptom of being attacked by such adware is that there are many attractive pop ups appeared on your browser tabs which can fill up the entire screen when you are surfing the internet. Moreover, the infected computer will encounter slow performance due to the infection of such threat. It acts like a browser plugin which can be installed onto the target browsers as Google Chrome, Firefox, IE and safari. Some users may treat it as a useful add-on which will do nothing dangerous to the target computer. In fact, although it is not considered to be a risky computer virus, it does harm the innocent computer and users via showing unwanted and unrelated pop ups and forcibly third party downloads. It makes use of the network to promote some third party programs and generates online traffics on the infected machine by triggering redirect problems.
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How to Remove

How can I reset my homepage back? I do not want any yahoo search or any other search pages as Although I have tried all the things that my friend told me like clearing extension and cookies and set back my default homepage, I still got this unwanted site once I log out the computer and then log in it again. What is wrong?

What is should be considered to be browser hijacker which can redirect you to yahoo search and provide you with some other unrelated search results that do not related to your search keywords. Once this threat enters your computer system, this first thing it will do is to replace your default homepage and search engine into yahoo search. As a result, when you open the infected browsers, the first page that may automatically jump out in front of you is this unwanted site. No matter how many new tabs you are going to open, all you get is just a unwanted site. Do be fooled by it and use to search. You will receive a lot of random ads which are associated with your search keywords. You may have no idea what sites you will be redirected to if you click on those pop ups on the right side of the browser tab. This browser redirect virus is caused by a malicious third party program called Appstein. Once your computer is infected by this threat, you will discover a unfamiliar program is running in the backdoor on your computer system without being known by you. Appstein is the main cause of the redirection when you re browsing.
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Remove from IE/Firefox/Google Chrome

This malicious site attacked Google Chrome, Firefox and IE on my computer and i can not remove it by using antivirus program. How to remove it when all the browsers installed on the computer are attacked by it? No matter what i did, i could still appear when the next time i open browser to search. Unwanted files and registry are installed on the computer system when i connect to the internet. Random pop ups fill up the screen. How can I get rid of it totally?

More about

A majority of victims do not realize site is a browser hijacker that it looks like a legitimate page anyway. It is a special search redirect web page which computer hackers use in order to bring chaos on infected computers all around the world. With a convincing interface, this site has tricked thousands of PC users to utilize its search function. Remote hackers can take advantage of this sire to record the browsing histories to benefit. As a information-recorder, this infection can secretly let out all the sensitive data stored on the target machine within minutes. After being infected, the computer browser homepage will be changed into this one. Annoying pop ups will fill with computer screen which can be troublesome for users doing online activities. All these modifications results in slow performance and vulnerability to the infected computer.
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How to Remove CheapNEnjoy Ads

Recently, I got many pop ups ads when I am using Firefox. Most of them are cloth sale and discount information. So I run my security tool to scan the whole system but it showed nothing but some malicious files related to CheapNEnjoy. Is this computer virus? Should I remove those files from the system? Will them harm my computer?


What is CheapNEnjoy

CheapNEnjoy belongs to adware member which created by criminals in order to generate pop up ads and then get profits from PC users. As a ad-supported site, it will show a lot of frequent pop ups on the target computer without permission. The infected computer runs slowly and weird for it has introduced some other computer threats and PUP on to the system and make them run in the backdoor. Instead of providing coupons , discounts sale information as it states, this adware will only threaten the target machine by doing numerous malicious works. It harasses the performance of the infected machine as well as the online speed. Also, it tries its best to gather useful information stored on the system and save on the browser history. Hence, user’s sensitive information as bank account, email password, Facebook password and other personal data will be collected by such threat and sent to remote hackers for gaining money.
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Remove TakeSave and Secure Your PC

TakeSave ads? I have tried everything I can to remove this page from Google Chrome as I have cleared extensions/addons and cookies or any other browser items that can be cleared but it still there. Also, I have run my security tool (free version) to scan my entire system but it even can not detect it. What us wrong?


More about TakeSave

TakeSave is regarded to be annoying adware which aims at generating online traffic to the infected computer once it has sneaked onto the machine silently without being noticed by PC users. According to victims, such threat always comes bundle with free programs, pop ups, games app and other third party online resources from network. Most users get their computer infected when they download free games and click on those pop ups appear on the left side of web pages. That is the common deliver channel used by this infection. Its creators and developers design it with high technique which make it capable of bypassing anti-virus programs and get into the target computer without being known. The main purpose of it is to bring more and more commercial advertisements via the internet and introduce other types of computer virus as Trojan, worm, browser hijackers and redirect virus to the system via disabling the firewall and security defense of the affected system. As a result, the computer will be totally messed up by tons of ads and dangerous computer threats.
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Guides to Remove

Are you suffering the troubles brought by browser redirect virus? Do you want to find out how and when this threat gets onto your computer without your permission? What else will it do to your system besides popping up random ads and making redirection when you are surfing the internet? All the answers you want can be found in this post. Want to know more about it, please read more.


Detail of is considered to be browser redirect threat for it can make you visit some unwanted sites once your computer s infected. It acts nothing different from other browser threats as it may force you to get access to some malicious sites that may contain Trojans and browser virus. Otherwise, there will be tons of pop ups appear on your computer screen when you are connecting your computer to the network. You may receive some pop up windows that consist of free games, coupons, online sales or even some fake security alerts. Clicking on those pop ups will undoubtedly force you to visit some commercial sites with ads pop ups frequently. Apart from generating online traffics, it also stops you from normally visiting of legitimate sites. Hence, there will be a slow connecting speed when you are surfing or even you will get some error massages.
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