Guides to Remove positive finds Pop up

I downloaded some applications from some unknown sites which can help me enabling online shopping. One of them named positive finds. However, I found that this application just show me some ads which can not help e save money online but just some frequent pop ups instead. Now, I want to remove it but I can not find the uninstall process. What can I do?
positive finds

Detail of positive finds Ads

positive finds is not a dangerous virus as Trojan virus, worms and Ransomware, but it is an annoying adware which can harm the infected computer with tons of commercial pop up windows. Some unwanted ads which are usually related to Amazon, eBay or WaltMart ands other online shopping will appear on the screen when the computer is connecting to the network. Since it can be downloaded from some insecure sites for free, many users think that it will not harm the system. In fact, it is not as useful as users think for it will display numerous ads to fill up the entire computer. Those information provided by this adware as lowest prices, greatest deals, discounts and similar coupons will keep jumping out all the time even users have clicked on the cross to close them.
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Remove Hijack

Is a trustworthy site? It has become my homepage since several days ago and I did use it to search. However, I found the search results are not the same as other search engines which I installed on another computer. Will this site harm my computer because it seems like displaying me some commercial search results.

Information of is a legitimate site but it can harm the target computer by doing some malicious activities as changing the default browser settings as homepage, search engine and search results. The main reason why it alters the search engine and makes itself to be a start page is that it wants to help its developers earn profits from showing commercial search results. Those search results are displayed for tricking users into clicking on those unrelated links and make users connect to some commercial sites. What is more, it forcibly installs some unwanted shortcuts on the desktop as well as the start item without permission. Some third party files and registries will be installed onto the infected system which can replace the crucial system files automatically. This site is considered to be a browser hijacker which can attack the target computers via the internet as a browser plugin. Since it is created for commercial gains, it should not be trusted and all the search results showed by it are totally unsafe.
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