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It is a very deplorable story…My poor browser is hijacked by Every time I open my browser, the ugly face of this web page always jumps up and makes sport of me and I can not do anything except smile bitterly to it. More Information about , which has another name called Scenic Reflections, is a browser add-on that can be installed to Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and so on. This site offers search functions and quick links to popul... Read more

Remove Completely

It is a very deplorable story…My poor browser is hijacked by Every time I open my browser, the ugly face of this web page always jumps up and makes sport of me and I can not do anything except smile bitterly to it. Information is classified as a kind of browser hijacker can cause great damage to target computer. Hackers release it through network and put it into hazardous websites, free downloads and doubtful online re... Read more

Uninstall Completely

How to fix Firefox from opening random sites? I get and it has hijacked the homepage and Google search of Firefox. I want to clear cookies but have no clue how to do it. I am using IE 10 and Win 7 system. More Information about is a fake search page which tends to provide you associated search information according to your search key words but actually it is a bogus site that only offer commercial pop up ads and third party program downloaded ... Read more

The Best Way to Remove Sponsor Ads

How can I get rid of Sponsor Ads pop up? This ad just appear on my browser when I am surfing the internet. Although I have removed it from my control panel as my friends said, it still pops up the next time I log in my computer. Also, i found it appear as an extension on my Google anyway. Is there any removal guides? Can you list them in detail? Thanks. Description of Sponsor Ads Sponsor Ads is categorized to be adware which enters your computer by playing tricks. It does not ask for any permi... Read more

Uninstall Biol exe Completely

Ugh I just got a ridiculous adware and it seemed like I can not able to get rid of it. Whenever I went to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, many Biol exe pop ups will fill up the websites. Tried to close those windows but sometimes failed and they even redirected me to other sites. What Is Biol exe? Biol exe is an adware process which defines itself as a useful tool. This program offers you random coupons, hot deals, price discounts and pop up ads on online shopping sites. Although it sounds good... Read more

How to Remove TakeOrLeave?

How do I set a full on some annoying commercial annoying ads that keep going off until I dismiss them? Even when I want to close them and find that there are not a “X” to click. I think the pop up ads might be caused by something malicious inside my computer. What should I do to remove ads by TakeOrLeave from IE and Chrome? Know about TakeOrLeave: TakeOrLeave is an ad-injection program which is supported by third party. This is a type of advertising supported software developed by ... Read more

Better Method to Remove Adware.OpenCandy

Adware.OpenCandy-I have this annoying thing on my computer which I brought just two months ago. I scanned the entire computer with Malwarebyte but it did not find anything. However, the pop up still showed up no matter what I was doing. I am currently out of options. Is there anyone able to help me? It will be very appreciated. Know about Adware.OpenCandy Adware.OpenCandy adware program is developed by SuperWeb LLC. Sometimes it appears in the name of Air Globe 1.0.1 as long as it has entered ... Read more

Useful Guide to Remove SHover Zoomchip

I receive random pop up contents from SHover Zoomchip that I really do not need them. It looks like some kind of advertising that might cause money payment but I have never clicked on them for they look dangerous. Any way to stop the pop up ads by SHover Zoomchip? SHover Zoomchip Description SHover Zoomchip is considered to be a adware which is used as an advertisement platform so as to deliver commercial ads to all the computer around the world. There are many PC users reported that their com... Read more

SweetSurpriseSlots Removal Guide

An adware is detected on my computer by Malwarebytes anti-virus program. But it seems that this tool can not get rid of ads by SweetSurpriseSlots pop up virus but removes some files and programs. Now the pop up windows still there on my Firefox. Help. SweetSurpriseSlots Description SweetSurpriseSlots is a browser extension which is also considered to be an adware. This potential unwanted program can sneak onto the target computer via making use of third party resources from the internet. The d... Read more

How to Remove

Last three days a program “Omiga Plus” starts down loading every time I open and work on my PC.on its own even if choose ‘No’ .It replaces Google search engine and can not be removed however I tried. I understand it is not a virus but a menace as it downloads a lot of adwares. What is this program? How can I prevent from downloading in my PC with Windows 8? Information Without any doubt, is a browser hijacker which targets innoc... Read more