Removal Guide

Mozilla Firefox is infected by time when you try to go online, this site will take over your browser immediately?How can this virus replace your homepage without your permission?How can you remove this browser hijack redirect from your PC?Learn more from this post. Brief Introduction looks like a legit domain when people see it for the first sight, but actually, this domain belongs to browser hijacker or redirect which can cause many troubles to computer... Read more

Ads by Mefeedia Removal Guide

I am running on Win 7. Before long, I downloaded a software from a site that I never visited before. After then, I started getting ads by Ads by Mefeedia. I could find this program on control panel along with other strange programs. I had never agreed to download them. More Information about Ads by Mefeedia Ads by Mefeedia is an adware that manages Google Chrome, Firefox and IE for generating advertisements. This type of adware program is a threaten to the machine as it is under the category o... Read more

Uninstall RevContent Ads Completely

Recently, I got many pop ups ads when I am using Firefox. Most of them are cloth sale and discount information. So I run my security tool to scan the whole system but it showed nothing but some malicious files related to RevContent Ads. Is this computer virus? Should I remove those files from the system? Will them harm my computer? Description of RevContent Ads RevContent Ads is not a reliable program which yous should not download and install onto your computer no matter how useful it claims ... Read more

Remove PressGamer Easily

How do I stop pop up ads? The PressGamer pop up ads keep showing up and it is not able to click on them to remove or close. I would like to remove PressGamer manually, anyone know about the removal details/steps? What Is PressGamer? PressGamer is a program used for online shopping since it is a browser plugin stating to save shopping time and money. However, this is not a recommended browser add-on/extension that should be installed on Google Chrome, Firefox or IE. Since it is compatible with ... Read more