How to Manually Remove Search-Quick.Com from Safari

Recently, so many Apple Users reported that there is a strange site named Search-Quick.Com tends to hijack their Safari browser. As more and more users are seeking an effective removal guide to deal with such threat, here, in this post we provide you some manual removal guides to help get rid of Search-Quick.Com from Safari.


More Information about Search-Quick.Com

Search-Quick.Com is a potential unwanted site which can not only attack Safari browser but also infects other browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and IE. This is a unwanted search site providing search function and homepage. However, every uninvited thing comes from the internet is usually unnecessary or even harmful and this page is one of the insecure program that enters target machine by means of bundling. Anything you download from the internet might be the carrier of this threat for its installation codes can be inserted to third party resources, letting it possible to get installed when third parties are performing a installation procedure. Once inside, it replaces default start page with “” and make Search-Quick.Com to be your search provider. You need to remove it from Safari if you do not want to make use of it to look for information.

Besides homepage and search engine replacements, this threat also leads to system speed reduction by using up most system resources. Also, endless malicious files will be dropped down to the machine to assist it in totally messing up the affected machine. Even more, this infection blocks some legitimate websites to avoid removal. This is a type of ad-injection malware which comes along with other programs like spam email attachments, pirate software, media files, shareware and P2P resources, especially free downloads from suspicious websites.

NOTE: Easy steps to remove Search-Quick.Com! Just download the professional removal tool and run it from cmdline in Windows Safe Mode! Everything will be fixed within minutes!


Symptoms of Being Infected by Malware

Reduction of system loading and internet performance
The infected computer will run very slow when it has been infected. This is the most obvious symptom that can be used to make sure if your computer is infected. It takes a long time to load your system and run your third party programs. Moreover, when you want to surf the internet, you may find that you need to wait a long time to open web page or even sometime it fails.
Unwanted Installation of third parties
There will be a lot of unwanted things that can be forcibly downloaded onto your computer. Additional browsers add-ons, extensions and favorites will be installed and added without authorization. What is more, there also will be other programs which come from insecure sites enter your machine.
Blue screen and system death
The infected computer will frequently crash and sometime users will need to restart the machine due to system death. Worse, sometimes the affected machine even restart itself when users are doing some important writing and do not have enough time to save the crucial data.
High consumption of system resources
The system resources will be eaten by infections and unwanted downloads. Then users may receive the pop up massage which warns that the computer system resource is almost up to 100% and some actions should be taken to solve this trouble.
Annoying pop ups on the screen
A lot of ads appear on the screen when users are getting access to their favorite sites or other regular sites. When users click on those pop ups accidentally, they will be redirected to unsafe websites which can harm the computer badly.

How to Manually Remove Search-Quick.Com from Safari

Note: It is super important to back up your crucial data before the removal procedure.
Step one. reset homepage and search engine

Choose Safari from the menu bar, then select Preferences


Click the General icon and reset your homepage if it has been changed.


Click the Search icon and reset your search engine changed.


Some versions of Safari have this setting in the General pane instead.

Step two. Remove related extension

Click the Extensions icon.


If you don’t want an extension or don’t know what it does, select the extension from the list and click Uninstall.

Step three. Remove associated software from machine
Use this “Go to Folder” method to find and remove each item listed in the sections below, one item at a time:

Drag to select an entire line in the lists below, starting with /System/Library/Frameworks/v.framework, for example.
Choose Edit > Copy.
Open a Finder window, then choose View > As Columns.
Choose Go > Go to Folder.
Choose Edit > Paste to paste the line you copied into the text field.
Press Return.

Step four. Restart your Mac.

If you still can not remove Search-Quick.Com from machine, call your supporter.

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