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How can I get rid of the pop ups ads brought by I get many ads when I use Google Chrome even I have used the ads blocker. I tried to run Malwarebyte and Norton to scan the entire computer and they both showed nothing malicious on my computer. It it can not be detected or it is not dangerous to my computer although it is annoying? However, I still want to remove it.

More about Pop up is an adware, it can display a lot of unwanted ads when it has entered your computer system. As a annoying adware, it may interrupt your computer with random pop ups which contain some malicious contents. Once you click on those ads as coupons, sales, discounts or games, you will be redirected to insecure sites that may have infected by computer virus. Thus, it is easy to make your computer be infected with Trojan, adware, browser hijackers and other dangerous threats. Since it used for commercial gains via showing numerous ads, it helps its creators and developers make money from ads clicks. Every time you click on those pop ups, you may help hackers get certain amount of money. Such threat will not only assists criminals making money by making advertisements but also do other malicious things on the computer system. The system resources will be used up by it and the system performance can be very slow due to the high consumption of system resources.


Besides, this infection still generate online blocking when you are surfing the internet. Some regular sites sometimes may cannot be connected for they have totally been blocked. Also, redirection problems will happen when you are using legitimate search engine to search. Many other unrelated sites or links will be listed on the search result without notice. Your computer will be put into danger for the reason that this threat will alter system settings and introduce other computer virus into your machine. Moreover, it tracks your browser activities as what sites you have visited days ago, what keywords you typed in the search box , what is the passwords you type in the log-in box when you are signing in your Facebook account as well as your yahoo email. At that time, all your personal detail will be collected by this virus, then, it sends your sensitive information to remote hackers in order to use them for illegal purposes.

Symptoms of Being Infected by adware

Reduction of system loading and internet performance
The infected computer will run very slow when it has been infected. This is the most obvious symptom that can be used to make sure if your computer is infected. It takes a long time to load your system and run your third party programs. Moreover, when you want to surf the internet, you may find that you need to wait a long time to open web page or even sometime it fails.
Unwanted Installation of third parties
There will be a lot of unwanted things that can be forcibly downloaded onto your computer. Additional browsers add-ons, extensions and favorites will be installed and added without authorization. What is more, there also will be other programs which come from insecure sites enter your machine.
Blue screen and system death
The infected computer will frequently crash and sometime users will need to restart the machine due to system death. Worse, sometimes the affected machine even restart itself when users are doing some important writing and do not have enough time to save the crucial data.
High consumption of system resources
The system resources will be eaten by infections and unwanted downloads. Then users may receive the pop up massage which warns that the computer system resource is almost up to 100% and some actions should be taken to solve this trouble.
Annoying pop ups on the screen
A lot of ads appear on the screen when users are getting access to their favorite sites or other regular sites. When users click on those pop ups accidentally, they will be redirected to unsafe websites which can harm the computer badly.

How can This Adware Enter Your PC

1.Download Insecure Programs from Unreliable Sites
You may get your compute infected by this adware when you are visiting some unreliable sites which do not have legal certification and contain dangerous computer threats. Those sites are usually created by hackers which cover the real purpose by providing you some free downloads and installations. However, when you are downloading those freeware, you may download computer virus onto your computer at the same time.
2.Get Access to Phishing Sites
Most of phishing sites are developed by hacker in order to trick users into visiting. When users are visiting those sites, many viruses hide behind the sites will take the chance to attack target computer without being known.
3.Insert Infected Hard Drive/Hard Disk
Inserting infected hard drive and hard disk can also get infected by such threat for the reason that this adware can sneak onto the target computer when the infected third party Hard Drive is installed or the infected hard disk is inserted.
4.Click on Malicious Pop up Ads
It is not safe if you tempt to click on those pop up ads which look so attractive and convincing for they always have some beautiful interfaces. But, they will redirect you to some risky sites if you click on them.
5. Install Free Games
Always, this adware is able to sneak onto the target computer by bundling with free games app or EXE programs. It can perform its installation once the games are installed and run.

How to Remove

You can remove automatically or manually.
Method one:Remove Automatically
Method two: Remove Manually

Removal Guides

Method one:Remove Automatically
* Step One: download removal tool SpyHunter on your PC by clicking the follow button.
Download SpyHunter Now

* Step two: Save and Install it on your computer by following the installation wizard.


* step three: After finishing the installation, launch SpyHunter and click “Malware Scan”to perform a full and quick system scan on your PC.


* step four: After the system scan, choose select all and then click Remove to eliminate all the threats on your PC


Method two: Remove Manually

Step 1: Open Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar, and then clicking Start Task Manager.

Step 2: In the Windows Task Manager, find out the process of Adware by name random.exe. Then scroll the list to find required process.

Step 3: Click the Start button -> Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization ->Folder Options -> View.


Step 4: Locate to Advanced settings, click Show hidden files and folders, uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) and then click OK

Step 5: Searching for the following files and remove them:

Step 6: Click the Start button -> Run. Type “regedit” into the Run command and click OK.


Step 7: When the Registry Editor window pops up, access to the following registry entries and remove them:


Step 8: Reboot the computer when the above steps are done.


This pop up will not responsibly for your money loss after you call the service number. However, it brings chaos to the infected system if it can not be removed in time. It is dangerous if you keep this threat on your computer for a long time and do not take any effective removal action to deal with it. It is a big threat to not only the infected computer but also the computer owner who will face a lot of computer problems as system crash, computer death, freezing, slow performance and other invisible loss. A security tool is needed to ensure the security of your computer system and avoid other infections like that. All in all, just follow the above removal guides to get rid of those annoying pop ups and clear the entire system step by step.


How to Avoid Adware

Do not connect to unknown sites
Most of time, adware hides in some unreliable sites that users are easy to go to visit. Those sites are covered with attractive contents as beautiful pictures and funny online games. The tine users get access to them, adware which hides behind the sites will take actions to install. Thus, it is necessary to keep away from unknown sites.

Do not download insecure resources
Adware can be delivered through the network by bundling with many kinds of online resources as freeware and shareware. It can automatically installed when users agree to install bundles during the programs installation process.

Do not inset insecure hard disk
Adware can also be distributed via infected hard disk. It can be installed when the infected hard disk is inserted to the computer. Before you insert the hard disk, you need to make sure it is safe enough.

Do not install unsafe hard drive
Some users prefer to install hard drive from some unknown sites. It is not safe for adware can take the advantage of hard drive to achieve its malicious goals.

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